WEF Update

The team at the Walkabout Education Foundation is working hard to secure a new home for the Walkabout program. Here’s what we’re currently working on…

Finding All Walkabout Alumni – Getting in touch with all Walkabout Alumni is a top priority. We’re asking all alumni to complete our survey, available here: There are a few reasons for this: to connect the Walkabout Community and to gather information and stories about all of the wonderful things that Walkabout graduates are doing. We’ve already heard from over 350 of the 1427 Walkabout alumni. Our goal is to track down everyone in order to show the incredible impact that Walkabout graduates have on the world.


So far, our survey has revealed some amazing facts, like:

36% of alumni attend graduate school – that’s 3 times the national average!
94% of alumni say that “Walkabout made me the person I am today.”
22% of Walkabout alumni enter the teaching profession

Community & Academic Partnerships – We believe that a Walkabout education would benefit a much larger group than 50 students a year. Our objectives are to: first, re-open Walkabout; second, to study the Walkabout model and third, to create a replicable Walkabout model that other communities can utilize. In order to achieve these goals, we will partner with local universities, school districts and community organizations. These partnerships will help us design a strong, sustainable model that is supported by current academic research.

If you’d like to reach us, send an email to info@walkaboutorg.

Ben Wild XVII
Exec Director
Walkabout Education Foundation