WEF Launches the Walkabout Alumni Association

Since our inception, the Walkabout Education Foundation’s (WEF) goal has been to ensure that a Walkabout education is available to high school students. In order to achieve this, we will need to engage the support and passion of the existing Walkabout alumni community.


In response to the overwhelming interest from Walkabout alumni to stay connected, we would like to announce the launching of the Walkabout Alumni Association (WAA). The mission of the Walkabout Alumni Association is:

  1. To network, support, represent and provide a forum for the community of the 1,427 Walkabout Alumni
  2. To connect with all Walkabout alumni
  3. To be the source of Walkabout alumni news (updates on individual achievements)
  4. To discover what resources are desired by Walkabout alumni
  5. To provide support for the Walkabout Education Foundation mission

The WAA_logo-new-green_700x700WAA board is looking for several dedicated members to develop and fulfill its goals. WAA is also looking for Walkabout alumni to join committees, help organize events and work on special projects. If you are interested, please contact WAA on Facebook.

Over the last 18 months, the Walkabout Education Foundation has been working hard to achieve its mission. As a result of weekly meetings and developing a network of educational leaders and potential partners, we are closer than ever to achieving our goals.

Working in concert with WAA, WEF’s ultimate goal is to expand Walkabout beyond the region; our immediate goal is to open the doors of the first Walkabout school under a new, financially sustainable model.

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