Walkabout Update = Great Progress, but not at the Summit Yet!

In the few weeks since Walkabout Education Foundation (“WEF”) moved from an idea, to action, we’ve made great progress in the fight to keeping Walkabout alive!  

We can and will make it to the summit, with your help…

We are almost at the top, with your help!  Walkabout Education Foundation

One of our primary goals was to raise awareness, in an effort to get more students signed up for next year. We’re happy to say that there are now 2 more students signed up which reduces our fundraising needs by $50,000! Recent meetings with BOCES have been very, very positive and it looks like they are close to making the announcement as to whether or not the program will get the green light for the 2013-2014 school year.  All signs are pointing to yes which is great but, it is certain that they will be counting on a large check from the Walkabout Education Foundation to make it happen.

We have run the numbers on how much it will take to meet all of the WEF goals and the grand total is $250k.  With the support of alumni, we’re confident we can do it.  Between what has been pledged so far and what we feel we can get from other foundations we’re  in talks with, we’re about halfway there already.  We would be very grateful if you could help “pay it forward” by doing a few things:

  1. Make a donation here:
  2. If you haven’t already, please sign up at – and tell all the Walkabouters you know to do the same!
  3. Let us know of any foundations, charities or grants that you think may be able to give to our cause by emailing with potential donors

Make sure to join the Walkabout Alumni group on Facebook and LIKE the Walkabout Education Foundation page on Facebook, to stay up to date with the latest news…

And, if you want to know what’s going on with current and FUTURE students, please LIKE the Walkabout Program page on Facebook.

Thank you!

 – WEF

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