Walkabout Education Foundation (WEF) fights for the Walkabout Program

Walkabout Fights For Its Existence In Putnam, Westchester School Districts!

This dramatic WEF blog post “headline” is taken from the article (of the same name) on the Hudson Valley Reporter online regional news site, which was posted yesterday, after the Walkabout Education Foundation/Walkabout Program press conference was held in Mt. Kisco, NY…

Walkabout Education Foundation  (WEF) fights for the Walkabout Program

Of course Walkabout and Walkabouters (educators/staff, alumni, parents, friends and supporters) are fighting for our existence, our survival – it’s what Walkabouters do!  Over the 36-year (so far) history of Walkabout, the program and mission have positively impacted the lives of 1400 alumni, and countless others….

The good – no GREAT – news is that we are WINNING the fight!

Winning?  We have not reached our first, short-term goal yet, but we have raised awareness, and significant funds already, and the goal is in sight!  We were granted a time extension, based on our progress and results (in a very short time) to date.  We have a plan, with more alumni, parents, friends and supporters signing on daily.

Walkabout will not only survive, it will thrive, and grow!

Click here to read the full article on the Hudson Valley Reporter

 – WEF

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