Enduring connections and understandings result from a coherence of information and experience. The most effective educators and schools recognize and promote the essential continuity between the classroom and life. Rather than the accumulation of disparate and atomized information, the Consilient Campus aims for integration and connection between disciplines. This ultimately provides a nuanced and agile ability to respond to each student and their unique learning styles. The Consilient Campus bridges the gap between learning and doing, between theory and application.

As educational practices and academic disciplines become increasingly specialized and data driven, two central components of the liberal arts education model, namely relevance and transdisciplinary connections, have seen a diminishment in both application and perceived value. The WCS campus serves as a physical representation of our curriculum: a fully articulated and immersive learning environment with countless engagement opportunities and entry points for the students to find and nurture their unique contributions. From architecture, material choices and systems design, the entire campus becomes a dynamic laboratory and studio where the disciplines merge and overlap.

Imagine a school where commitment to ecological principles and sustainable practices find material expression and demonstration throughout the campus, where a shared ethos and collective understandings manifest in an interactive and responsive setting that instills and leverages 21st century skills. While WCS classes are aligned with the core competencies and standards for each required subject area and surpass graduation requirements, the courses are designed to achieve a coherence and unity that fosters deeper learning and creates transferable skills. Physical Education, Chemistry, and Physics converge in one class where electricity generating bicycles provide power for the computers that monitor the greenhouse where Mathematics, Earth Science, Language Arts and Social Studies are explored and applied through hands on stewardship. Passions are discovered, strengths are honored, and goals are pursued in a physical setting that encourages tinkering, rewards interaction and allows creative expression to guide the community towards a sense of place and a feeling of belonging that are sadly, and sometimes dangerously, absent from the traditional model.

Beyond its educative capacity and efficiency, the Consilient Campus provides a framework for high level social and emotional growth. By fostering a “sense of place,” students learn to become active participants in their school’s culture. A collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere promotes positive interpersonal and group dynamics while simultaneously empowering individuals to make substantive, purposeful strides towards discovering their vocational potential.