Great 96-hour response! Keep spreading the word…

Well, as hoped, believed and expected, Walkabout Alumni are awesome!!!¬† ūüôā

Here are some statistics from the website & blog (earlier today), which are pretty heart-warming, especially with the pledges and offers of time/effort we have received so far from alumni, parents, and others!

The coolest thing is that these stats are already old news!¬† As of this blog post being published, the WEF Facebook page is up to 63 likes, the site has had many more hits, more alumni have signed up, there have been more inquiries about “what can I do to help”, more messages along the lines of “it would be a crime if Walkabout was shut down” and “Walkabout saved my life!!!” (we hear that a lot)…

So Рalumni, parents, educators, donors/contributors and any other interested parties Рplease complete your signup with Walkabout Education Foundation ASAP at and keep spreading the word!

NOTE: we are in the final steps of forming our organization, and finalizing ways to accept and process donations – for now, please let us know¬†of¬†any¬†amount you wish to “pledge”, and we will make arrangements as soon as we are ready, to accept your donation, and route it appropriately (in the interim, this may require an established non-profit to operate as a partner)…



Contact the Walkabout Alumni Foundation using this form:

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