Mission Statement: “To reinvent the American high school by creating learning environments where all students—regardless of background—develop the skills, direction, and confidence to be successful in college, career and community.”

Intended Impact: Engaged individuals make the world a better place. The Walkabout Consilient School’s objective is to ready high school-aged students with the practical skills and transferable knowledge to lead active, purposeful and community-centered lives.

Theory of Change:

Cultivating Engagement: A student’s natural curiosity and potential are routinely undermined by systemic failures, which lead to disengagement, inequity and the marginalization of large swathes of the student population. At the Walkabout Consilient School, students engage in positive risk taking and self-directed learning which allows them to forge their identity, find their voice, and become change agents in the world.

Consilient Framework: The Consilient Framework is expressed throughout the three pillars of the Walkabout Consilient School: a CONSILIENT CURRICULUM that unites disciplines and expands beyond the classroom through experiential learning in applied academics, wilderness expeditions, internship and service learning; an inclusive, ENGAGED COMMUNITY that cultivates solidarity among students, teachers and community partners; and an ACTIVE CAMPUS that serves as an interactive demonstration of the curriculum. Through authentic and relevant educational experiences, the Consilient Framework empowers students with the transferable skills and sense of agency necessary to become self-reliant, contributing adults.